The exhibition "AqUA" has been opened at the Vladimir Horvat Gallery in Zagreb.

On November 5th, the final exhibition of our EU project “AqUA” opened at the Vladimir Horvat Gallery. The project involved over 350 participants, including approximately 120 children, with whom we conducted education on the plant and animal life of the underwater world through the use of an underwater educational trail in a natural setting. The project also covered topics such as ecology, marine conservation, trial dives, underwater photography courses, and other diving specialties. The exhibition not only showcased photos of the project itself but also presented a series of fascinating photographs captured during the 18-month duration of the AqUA project, featuring shipwrecks, diverse fish, corals, and other marine inhabitants of our sea.

Visitors had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world through the lenses of diving enthusiasts at the Vladimir Horvat Gallery. Damir Zurub, the president of the Diving Club “Roniti se mora” and an award-winning photographer, addressed the audience at the opening. Hrvoje Prčić, the former editor of National Geographic Croatia, highlighted the alarming facts about the state of the underwater environment, warning that up to 200 species in the oceans disappear every day. This underscores the importance of projects like this one, which raise awareness about ecology and the preservation of marine ecosystems. The opening also featured the presentation of Damir Šantek‘s book, “Ispod površine” (Beneath the Surface), the first Croatian diving travelogue in which the author shares his experiences of diving from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean.

The authors of the 50 underwater photographs presented at the AqUA exhibition are: Damir Zurub, Ivana Grgić, Vanja Krvavica, Majda Pavleković, Aleksandar Grilec-Đorđijevski, Lovro Rašan, Vedran Metelko, Toni Vrdoljak, Dean Ganza, and Damir Šantek.

All the captivating underwater moments captured in the AqUA exhibition can be enjoyed in our digital photobook, showcasing the talented work of AqUAs’ photographers.