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Adriatic Underwater Academy

AqUA is a diving-educational and ecological project initiated by the Diving Club “Roniti se mora” in 2022. Throughout 2022/2023, the project AqUA has continuously educated over 235 participants in basic and advanced diving courses, as well as other diving specialties.

In 2023 alone, more than 120 children participated in educational workshops on the biodiversity of the underwater world, recognizing marine flora and fauna, and preserving the sea through ecological activities as part of the AqUA project.

The AqUA project aims to raise awareness about nature and sports as a healthy lifestyle, promote team spirit, and foster self-confidence.

The main goal of the AqUA project is to offer underwater recreational sports activities with the aim of expanding participation across all age groups, including individuals with difficulties, and to increase awareness of recreational sports as a healthy and beneficial leisure pursuit, promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle. Primarily, the focus is on educating new divers and children about the biological diversity of the sea, recognizing marine flora and fauna, and preserving the sea through ecological activities.

To ensure quality education for participants, it is crucial to first acquaint and familiarize them with the underwater environment and introduce them to everything that lies beneath the surface.

Our Team

AqUA Dive Masters


Damir Zurub

Our AqUA leader and main instructor

Ivan, Vanja i Goran

Professional and experience divers


Discovery diving courses

Discovery diving courses will be provided to those who want to experience the thrill of diving in a safe and fun way, guided by experienced instructors and equipped with necessary equipment to ensure their comfort and safety in the water, perfect for those with little or no prior diving experience.

Scuba diving courses

The project will provide safe and enjoyable diving courses for individuals of all ages, tailored to their skill levels, with a range of activities and training methods that teach important diving skills, such as breathing, equalization, underwater navigation, and wreck diving, in a supportive and engaging environment with a top priority on safety.

Freediving courses

Experienced freediving instructors will offer courses covering breath-holding techniques, proper equalization, and safety procedures, enabling participants to explore the underwater world for extended periods, regardless of their level of experience.

Underwater photography courses

The project will offer underwater photography courses that cover the basics of equipment selection, lighting, and composition, as well as techniques for capturing stunning images of marine life, allowing participants to improve their photography skills and explore the underwater world in a unique and rewarding way.

Diving courses for people with disabilities and children with special needs

The diving courses, covering basic techniques and marine life education, aim to promote inclusivity by providing unique and empowering experiences for people with disabilities and children with special needs, with personalized support and accommodations from experienced instructors who are trained to work with individuals with diverse needs.

Mobile Underwater Trail

The project includes an educational underwater trail with markers and exhibits that highlight the unique marine life and ecosystems found in the area, providing an immersive and interactive learning experience for participants of all skill levels and promoting responsible diving practices and environmental stewardship.

Experience of the OWD diving course with RK "Roniti se mora"

I recently participated in a diving course with the “Roniti se mora” diving club in Kraljevica, and the experience was outstanding! The instructors are knowledgeable and accommodating, creating a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Diving in the beautiful waters of Kraljevica was an incredible experience that allowed me to explore the richness of the underwater world. All in all, the course was exceptionally informative and enjoyable; I highly recommend the club to anyone who wants to explore the magic of the underwater world!

– Marko

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