In today’s fast-paced world, we often forget about truly important things in life, where health undoubtedly represents one of the more crucial aspects. We frequently take our health for granted and trivialize it. As part of the EU project of the Diving Club “Roniti se mora – AQUA,” along with instructors and members of the Swimming Club Natator, we spent a wonderful day with the young hopes of Croatian sports at the Terma Jezerčica pools in Donja Stubica. It will turn out that these young individuals can, in such a short time, put life into perspective and highlight what truly matters, using their strength, motivation, and the ever-present smile on their faces.

The Swimming Club Natator was founded by the Croatian Paralympian Ana Sršen in 2003 with the aim of creating a club of equal opportunities for everyone who wants to swim. Today, PK Natator is one of the most successful swimming clubs whose swimmers participate in the Paralympic Games, winning medals at IPC European and World Championships, Mediterranean Games, and also holding national titles and records.

Several club members, led by President Damir Zuruba, after a brief introductory briefing, gave children the opportunity to firsthand experience the much-talked-about weightlessness underwater. It’s an understatement to say that the smiles were even bigger, and we can definitely be confident in the existence of future generations of divers. After the children received an answer to the question, “What is it really like to breathe underwater?” President Zurub gave them a lecture on the activities of the diving club, underwater photography, ecology, and diving in general.

Through this, we want to express our gratitude to the Swimming Club Natator for the trust they placed in us, and at the same time, we can conclude that this was definitely not our last meeting. To all members of the Swimming Club, instructors, and children, we say: “Bravely forward to new achievements, and see you again!”

It was one of those activities that we will all remember with a smile,
both us and the children of the Swimming Club Natator.